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Pharma/ Life Sciences

Simulate clinical trials to optimize trial design, answer health and economic outcomes questions, and optimize portfolios.

Care Delivery

Health systems, IDNs, ACOs and medical groups can access quantitative information comparing the benefits and costs of different interventions.


Raise the quality of care and lower its costs. Use the Archimedes Model to test assumptions, compare scenarios, and quantify outcomes.


Strengthen your programs and funding submissions by demonstrating high-quality, simulation and real-world supporting data.

What We Do

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What We Do
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Archimedes is a healthcare modeling and analytics organization. With the Archimedes Model at its core, the company enables people to combine real-world healthcare data and simulation data to create compelling and actionable evidence used in individual healthcare decision making, as well as in populations, with applications in health and economic outcomes research, policy creation, and clinical trial design and operations.


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Archimedes has three core products:

  1. ARCHeS, a online population simulation and real-time healthcare analytics platform
  2. IndiGO, a patient activation and decision support tool
  3. Modeling & Consulting Services, to address specific modeling and analytics needs.


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Why Should You Care?
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Because you know that healthcare is not easy. There is no shortage of data out there, but understanding it – and using it to make the best decisions – is hard. 

Archimedes solutions are designed to provide compelling evidence and help you make better decisions about health and healthcare, whether for individuals or populations.